Feb 182011

Here’s my processing.js simulation of Cellular Automation in 3d. Rules 0 and 1 are Conway’s Game of Life. Rule 1 just runs the game on R,G, and B independently. Rule 2 is my own ruleset, which used to create an interesting evolution- but then I randomized the order of cell calcs and it got much less interesting.

Anyway, you can change the domain in 3d in real-time- though anything totaling more than about 500 cells gets slow… … …. … real slow. You can also change the min/max population for the rules in realtime, and all the other vars. It’s slow, it’s a hack, but hey…

3d Cellular Automation Simulator

It wont run unless you have the dev build of Firefox (Minefield), Chrome(ium), or any browser that supports WebGL. Most will in a few months- with the predictable exception of M$Exploder.

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