Sep 142013

Aim the camera at the floor, set for a long-exposure, turn off the lights and shine some lasers through textured glass…

Sep 072013

[EDIT] Thanks so much to AndrewT81 from Reddit for his reply:

“Tchaikovsky’s violin concerto. The clip is from the end of the cadenza in the first movement.”

I went youtube and found it right away… WOW!!!

[ORIGINAL POST] Can someone please help me identify this very beautiful composition?



I heard it on the radio one night awhile back and recorded this little chunk on a little voice-recorder. Shazam and all the other online music finders I’ve tried have failed and I’d really like to hear the whole piece again. It’s very familiar but I just can’t figure it out for anything. Any help would be appreciated!

Apr 042013

Long after our civilizations dwindle and decay and our ignorance eventually drives us back into the trees, two new sentient species will emerge.

The noble elephant and the misunderstood rodent. Yep, those two

It’s a symbiotic intelligence that develops between them. The elephant is a thoughtful and patient creature, but with a big bad-ass temper. The rodent is a tireless, long-suffering little worker, with a knack for mechanical cleverness.

Over the millenia the elephants and rodents evolved to work together to gather food. Their primary food source was the regressivly evolving species of human-ape. The elephants devised strategies to encourage human-ape domestication, and the rodents did all the leg work, building enclosures and such.

In time their symbiotic intelligence grew more sophisticated and more complexly linked. The elephants and rodents could speak to each other and understood written symbols. The elephants thoughtful minds created mathematical  models of the universe and the busy and clever rodents tested the models and engineered new technologies. The elephants deductions and the rodents methodical testings honed their understanding of the universe until they became the first species to fulfill the destiny of life- to witness the ultimate perfection of creation.

They discovered the basis of everything, the fundamental nature of all and nothing, they uncovered the will in the void and learned the primal logos. It was a good day for elephants and rodents, and as always, the human-apes didn’t give a shit and just kept raping and murdering each other.

And that’s what happens after humans finally go away.

Jan 262013

I just found out I lost another friend. Brian Charles Folse. I met him in 2000-something when I worked at Franklin Press.

He was the guy that got me started with Linux. I probably wouldn’t ever have gotten off the ground with my first Debian install without him. It was way before the net installs, it was a kernel compiling nightmare and he was totally patient and supportive and I’d have given up without his help. He was a brilliant programmer and a good guy and he was too young for this.

I don’t have a lot to say right now- I’m still pretty upset that he died and that I found out so late.

I’m a very shitty friend and I don’t have that many of them. I never keep in touch with people. I’m just so fucking wrapped up in my own head that I can only be friends with people that are very independent so I don’t worry about them. Because of that I’m pretty distant even from those few people I consider friends. I’m very sorry for that. Anyone who would tolerate me as a friend deserves much better than me as a friend. Fortunately people like Brian have lots of friends besides me.

Sorry Brian. I’m glad I knew you and I called you a friend. I wish we could have worked on building robots or something. I thought it would be great if someday I could start a company with or hire Brian as an engineer and work on something like that. I actually thought that might happen someday.

Thanks for everything Brian. I’ll keep the Folding@Home trilarian team account working for you. Hope that’s something. Goodbye and I hope it’s better where you are.



Aug 182012

I have to post this because I don’t know any other way to get in touch with this tech super-hero to say thanks for his work.

Hey Eirik Taylor, thanks buddy, you’re an inspiration and an outstanding reference.

You gave me a huge head start with the Android code for your BT car. I’d still be struggling with the BT Chat example in the SDK if it weren’t for all well commented code.

His website has a bunch of great projects and his documentation is awesome and he posts all his code.

Thanks again buddy, hope you read this and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.


Aug 282011

this one came in through a low-band electron shell quantizer. I decomposed the background loop to within the refactored Schwarzschild radius (compensating for dilation by reducing common background proton parity to 1/pi per cubic irrelevance).

After that it was a pretty straight forward phase adjustment series that brought up the d-gains inside a tracking relay I established about 2 degrees clockwise from the EM band.

Long story short- I got another message from outer space. It’s nothing new, just a poetic rephrasing of the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Here it is.



Jul 302011

Found this while searching for something exactly like it.

I’m always frustrated by the lack of formal educational resources for people that are currently outside of the university system. I hope that this sort of thing will take off.

Just thought I’d share this, makes me happy. I’m still deciding if I’ll enroll right now but it’s a very good thing to know exists.


Apr 271979

This is something I want to try to help myself remember and if it helps anyone else I think that’s worth going ahead and laying it out here, though it’s a little private.

My life seems to be composed of little cycles. Recurring patterns of relief and disappointment, inspiration and discouragement, clarity and confusion, courage and fear. In the midst of these, at the low times, when you’re so aware of the patterns of the cycles intellectually, but only feeling the part that your in at the moment, it’s so easy to start chanting that old mantra…

When is it going to end? When is it going to end?

My blessing of a mother helped me to understand something a little better very recently and I really want to try to remember this in a way that might stick, or at least pop up sometimes when I need it.

You always know exactly when it ends, dummy.

It ends at the beginning of the next cycle.