Apr 271979

This is something I want to try to help myself remember and if it helps anyone else I think that’s worth going ahead and laying it out here, though it’s a little private.

My life seems to be composed of little cycles. Recurring patterns of relief and disappointment, inspiration and discouragement, clarity and confusion, courage and fear. In the midst of these, at the low times, when you’re so aware of the patterns of the cycles intellectually, but only feeling the part that your in at the moment, it’s so easy to start chanting that old mantra…

When is it going to end? When is it going to end?

My blessing of a mother helped me to understand something a little better very recently and I really want to try to remember this in a way that might stick, or at least pop up sometimes when I need it.

You always know exactly when it ends, dummy.

It ends at the beginning of the next cycle.

Apr 271979

04.27.1979 – 00:01

Most of the stuff I’d be interested in blogging about predates the internet, and me. Also I’d like to keep the current posts more about things that I’m doing, not just thinking.

So this is my retroblog. A retroblog is whatever I say it is, or was whatever I said it was.

And this is it.