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You want music I had something to do with?

You got music I had something to do with!

…you’ve been warned, no complaints.

That’s the link to the old php archive thing since it’s been kinda buried in the ‘oldschool funkboxing‘ link.


*NOTE: All ‘solo’ recording and composition rights are licensed Creative Commons Attribution, except ‘Forgiven’, which is licensed CCO Band stuff I’m not sure about since it’s not just me. Jely Fride I’ll have to think about since it’s not just me either 😉

  3 Responses to “Music Archive”

  1. Hey man, how can I download the stuff of the audio list? I don’t have quicktime media player so all i can do is play it. Is there another more easily shared format? The songs I am trying to get is Fresh-E, Whats Next, Reattach and Right There. I have the other stuff on the CD we did at building studios.

    Thanks man and hope all is well!

  2. Thom, give me holla why don’t cha..

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