Oct 262012

[EDIT] Please check out the newest version of the FX Code (v0.51) with Android Bluetooth Control App and Chrome Control Extension.

This code has been revised and I made a new post about it – please see updated post HERE

[EDIT] If you end up using this code for a project please send me a link/pics/video! I love seeing what people do with this! If you like I’ll post a link to your project on the FastSPI FX – User Coolness post. Also make sure to thank Daniel Garcia (the genius dev of the FastSPI library) on the G+ FastSPI Community.

[EDIT] If you have any requests for certain types of effects I’d be happy to look into it. Just let me know what you’re looking to do and I’ll take a swing.

If you find this code very useful please consider donating a little via paypal. I’m having some ‘financial instabilities’ right now and any little bit would help. And if you need a certain effect coded, a donation would certainly obligate me to get that working for you! Sorry for this, it sort of feels like panhandling and the real credit should go to the library creator, but we do what we have to… Thanks for understanding.

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I’m also grateful for bitcoin donations to: 1K5Yy77ejes2FZrHBG5fns3QAicnwZcduq


Some LED effects I’ve written for Arduino and FastSPI library.

Mostly written for a circle of LEDs but plenty useful for any configuration.
Code available here… the code

***Here is an update to the FastSPI_2_RC1 – the code

Used WS2811 strip, but have also tested with WS2801.

I’ve only tested this on the duemilanove and nano boards. It’s looking like this does not work on the UNO and I’m not sure about the Leonardo or the new Due.

Several people have indicated problems finding the SerialCommand library – so here’s the version I’m using SerialCommand

Here’s where I found it. Thanks to this guy for the library- Steven Cogswell
http://husks.wordpress.com/2011/05/23/a-minimal-arduino-library-for-processing-serial- commands/