Aug 182012

I have to post this because I don’t know any other way to get in touch with this tech super-hero to say thanks for his work.

Hey Eirik Taylor, thanks buddy, you’re an inspiration and an outstanding reference.

You gave me a huge head start with the Android code for your BT car. I’d still be struggling with the BT Chat example in the SDK if it weren’t for all well commented code.

His website has a bunch of great projects and his documentation is awesome and he posts all his code.

Thanks again buddy, hope you read this and it makes you feel warm and fuzzy.


  5 Responses to “Big Thanks to Eirik Taylor”

  1. That did make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, I’m glad my project was of some use to you!

  2. Hello Sir, I read the article on INDUCTION HEATER using PLL on your website I am interested to use this as my final year project. Sir, It will be very great if you help us in this project. We also try to contact you on your facebook page. Please reply sir

    • Hey- FYI this isn’t Eirik Taylor’s site. He’s the one that did the induction heater project. His site is the uzzors2k site, you can try to reach him there.

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