Oct 262011

I recently received a FUNcube dongle SDR for filling in teaching a class. I don’t know much about HAM radio or SDR but I’ve been wanting to learn and now I have a great toy to motivate me to learn.

It took me awhile to get the thing recognized on Lubuntu. Had to add a rule in udev, also had to get qthid2.2 to update the firmware so I could use qthid3.1. Then had to compile quisk and finally started getting lots and lots of static.

Then I started reading more about HAM radio and found about about IF and OF and got far enough to get some garbled non-static from the local NPR station. Then I took a little video on my phone. Then I uploaded it to youtube, then I typed this. So here it is.

Looking forward to spending lots and lots of time learning and playing with this thing.

Maybe by next post I’ll have decoded some telemetry data from an AMSAT. That would be cool.

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  1. […] to motivate me to learn. It took me awhile to get the thing recognized … More here: Adventures in Software Defined Radio with the FUNcube » funkboxing This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged been-wanting, great-toy, ham, know-much, […]

  2. LOL mot of my vocabulary and technology expansions come from reading one of your posts and thinking “What the *)*&P*( is that?” and then reading up on it. Never heard of these things things before. seeing your Youtube video,. I googled it and on the first page I clicked this link and after reading a few lines realized I was on.. Funkboxing!

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