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  1. Hey look- I’m signing my own guestbook.

  2. Hey sweetie. Come out and play!!!

  3. Finally finished the last chapter of the book and got a chance to check this out. Cool stuff!

  4. I really appreciate that you cite acaemic works that I can go read to find out more. I jsut found Coros, Beaudoin, & van de Panne’s (2010) SIGGRAPH paper and read it.

  5. lets talk about your favourite sport games. i live football – soccer zenit piter number 1! what about you?

  6. Very inspiring works!!

    I love the directions that you’ve taken all this stuff. It humbles me that I have so much to learn.

    Are the ragdolls spawnable, or do they all have to be present in the scene when the game engine is initiated?

  7. Have nice day! Much useful information, nice design, but this color hurts your eyes. 蒻

  8. Dude, it think this should be the original promo for the ProgrAnimals Blener Framework…..

  9. Blender*

  10. Hey man, hope all is well. Just checked out the Southpark medley video on Youtube. Good work. Funny stuff and great memories. Hope all is well in FL, if I recall that is where you where last time I talked to you. Drop me a line sometime.

  11. Need some cures for chlamydia infection. Please tell what to take?

    • I don’t know why I approved this comment, I just thought it was funny…
      And in case this isn’t spam, it’s an actual weirdo asking me for advice on VD’s (of which I am not a very reliable source of info- since I don’t have any)
      My advice to you sir is- go see a doctor.

  12. Nice…I can’t wait to be super nerded out for the rest of my life…

  13. I have no idea what’s going on yet but I like it.

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