Jul 012011

This blog is becoming a little ragdoll-centric.
I’ll do something else for awhile I promise.

.blend file

  One Response to “Ragdoll vs. Another Thing”

  1. Though I am increasingly imrespsed in relation to the creativity and productivity of the Blender Institute, I am reluctant to purchase a copy of the associated DVD of the Mango Open Movie Project because of concerns in relation to the direction of the film. Particularly I am worried by evident complexity of the plot in comparison to the predetermined time length target. In addition to the difficulty of conveying the central themes and narrative of the film, a substantial reliance upon low budget dialogue may produce similar failings to Ian Hubert’s previous project Project London . It is important to realise that superb cinematography can express the narrative much more pleasingly then poor dialogue. I.e. the principle of the proverb A picture is worth one thousand words . Furthermore the obvious potential for current and future attempts by the team to lengthen the time length of the film to compensate for the complexity of the plot will produce issues experienced by Sintel , particularly in the completion of the project in relation to the development of Blender during the period. In conclusion, concerns in relation to the project could be substantially lessened by obeying the time length target, reducing the complexity of the plot, and little reliance upon dialogue in favour of reliance upon cinematography and the potential of Blender.

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