Mar 072013


The folks at Blender have given me a couple of new tools with which to satisfy my desires to maim and mutilate ragdolls.

Rigid Body Dynamics in the animation system and Cycles Hair Rendering.

So in honor of that or whatever… here’s my first non-game-engine ragdoll (with hair) for your demented pleasure…

  2 Responses to “Advances in Ragdoll Maiming and Mutilation Technology”

  1. I hope you don’t run afoul of PETA (ProgrAnimal Ethical Treatment Advocates.) Maybe you should post a disclaimer “No ProgAnimals were injured in the production of this Blender sequence.”

    • Ironically PETA likes hurting ragdolls too. As it turns out maiming and torturing ragdoll IS the most ethical way to treat them. They’re like those cows at the Restaurant at the End of the Universe that get all offended if you don’t want to eat them…

      The Ragdoll National Motto is “Tread on us, please, really, we enjoy it! Hey! Get over here and tread on us! Damnit get back here and tread on us you lazy SOB!”

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