Blender Portfolio



Laplacian Lighting Generator Script

Progranimation / Progranimals – Physics Based Character Animation Framework

Blender/Arduino LED Control2012-08-20_00-54-59_8442

Diffusion Limited Aggregation

Gravity/Accretion Simulator

Blender Bots

Quick fix for Autowalker Script for Tube Productions
Brekel Kinect / Blender Realtime Mocap Interface (WIP)
Wii Controlled Marionette (b2.49)
Ragmotron (Ragdoll Generator) (b2.49)
Blender Storyboard Toolkit (b2.49)

————-VFX / PREVIS————-

Tomato Branch tracking tests

Art Department Reel – 2008-2009
[videoplayer file=”wp-content/video/ArtDepartmentReel.flv” /]

‘The Cost’ (IMDB)
Visual Effects created with Blender

Free Energy: The Musical
Previz/Set-Design/Title/Visual-Effects created with Blender
(Camera Tracking with VooDoo)


Selections from Gallery

Show-Reel 2008-2009

…….Gumby / Pokey .blend…..
[videoplayer file=”wp-content/video/Gumby-SoulMachine.flv” /]

Orrey .blend

The Internet Explorers – Animated short created In Blender (2009)

Ragdoll fun .blend

A few simulation test renders


Cajun Clickers Blender Classes – 2009-2010 – Teacher

Baton Rouge Blender User Group – Organizer

Blender Jingle

Linux “Superbowl Commercial” Contest
[videoplayer file=”wp-content/video/PutLinuxUnderTheHood.flv” /]

  2 Responses to “Blender Portfolio”

  1. Hey dude, ….( this is Les Hendrickson )…was looking over your demos and such…pretty impressed ! gonna try to get some figures sculpted up, and textured for next months meeting, maybe pick ur brain about rigging….Ur rag doll physics, and auto walk script could work WELL to animate the hoards of undead, that would populate the back ground of my little narrative…

    • Absolutely – crowd simulation is definitely one of the applications I made this for. And you could even make them do pretty good ‘zombie walks’ and limps and stuff, even hopping on one leg (though that would take some experimenting to get the stride right.
      The only limitation for scaling is the fact that it’s the game-engine, which will bog down. Even so I’ve run sims with 50+ characters which ran okay, though nowhere near real-time. A big simulation would probably require a decent workstation but nothing more than a medium sized smoke or fluid sim.

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