Jul 172011

With the Blender Tomato branch blazing trails of awesomeness I decided I needed to get my tracking/compositing chops up on it so I dug out some old footage of a set build and got to tracking. I started with what I thought would be the simplest shot to track, all kinds of easy.

But it wasn’t. Tracked fine, solved fine, but I couldn’t orient the scene to save my life. WHY? Look at the footage, seems like this should be the easiest scene to orient, it’s all 90 degree angles right?

Well you’d be forgiven for thinking that because you weren’t on the crew. Not me, I should have remembered that the walls weren’t at 90 degrees because not only was I on the crew, but I designed the set.

I designed this room for a forced perscpective shot. It worked, looked decent on film, was going for sort of a dramatic disorientation. Except that was two years ago and I forgot about the whole thing until I was about to give up tracking this shot and find another. Started looking through some footage and saw these flats from a different angle and remembered they’d been flared out at 8 degrees each.

Made orienting the scene a lot easier once I stopped trying to defy Pythagoras.

So that’s the story of my first Tomato branch tracking test, and here it is.

And here’s my second set of tracking tests, this time no story…

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