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02.17.11 - It's time for a change. Funkboxing will be going to wordpress shortly. As uaual I'll leave the archives up for posterity but soon this page will be but a distant memorey replaced by this one -funkboxing wordpress-

02.14.11 - ...and another link ...more html5 canvas playing-with-stuff-in3D - (PROBABLY WONT WORK, WebGL...blah...) it's a 3D cellular automation thingy, for now based on conways life but I have other ideas I'll impliment later. Also here's a link a 'gravity/accretion' .py script I was working on for Blender2.56 (sort of works but still a work-in-progress - gravity.txt

02.12.11 - Been a long, time... again. Here's a link html5 canvas playing-with-stuff

12.07.09 - I've updated the BLENDER CLASS information and schedule.

11.04.09 - Here's a link to info on the first BLENDER CLASS with the Cajun Clickers Computer Club

10.28.09 - Got my videos a little better organized and got a Flash player so you can watch them all directly from this website. Mostly just got my 'best' videos posted up here and left the little bits and bytes on youtube. I'm using the term 'best' pretty loosely here. Still working on collecting all my files but the interface is there now

10.17.09 - Finally posted the rest of the RedShtick articles on the 'writings' page even though I haven't written a new article in several months. I should update the video's page but instead I'll just post links to my vimeo and youtube pages. Those pages have pretty much all the video stuff I have to-date including my 35mm project and my various reels for animation and art department and whatnot. Right now I'm just getting myself settled back into Baton Rouge. I'm working at the Celtic Media Center on 'Battle: Los Angeles'. I'm also still working on developing a 'Blender' curriculum as well as a broader 'Open Source Media Production' class that I hope to get started soon, possibly with the help of Acadiana Open Channel and/or the Cajun Clickers Computer Club. As usual I won't promise to keep this website updated because that would be an obvious lie. Though I will promise that I will think about it ocassionally, which is at least a slightly less obvious lie.

04.02.09 - Wow, been awhile. I still haven't posted much of my stuff on this site. The only reason I'm even updating this is because I just added the link for people looking for Blender Scripts. So maybe I'll update my articles or other stuff soon, or maybe not.- I've skipped a couple of months with RedShtick but the ones I haven't put up here yet are on redshtickmagazine.com. And that's all I feel like writing here for right now.

08.13.08 - As promised (or just by coincidence) I've posted the last few Blinded with Science articles to the 'writing' section. I've also added a few short stories and scripts that I don't mind posting up here. "Bridge Out" is currently in post and should be available to view in a few weeks. I'm also working on the whole webcam business - the link below is still active for now, but I'll probably change it soon.

08.09.08 - I promise I'll update more soon. I've got like 5 more Blinded with Science articles to add and I was going to put up some more of my stories and scripts too. Unfortunately right now it's like 2:00am and the reason I'm updating this now is because I've been OCDing on this for awhile andI finally got it more or less running so I wanted to post them so I can go to sleep. So here is the weblink. If it works, good, if not- sorry, it's a work in progress.

05.16.08 - Updated photos and turned the autoplay off on the main page's mp3 player.

04.21.08 - Added the March and April Red Shtick Articles. May's article is part 2 of 'Relativity', it will be out the first friday in May on www.redshtickmagazine.com which means I will probably have it up here by August 2051.

04.15.08 - Added a link to the photo gallery. Updated the Levitube page to indicate they are no longer for sale, and also added here (or will presently) THE LEVITUBE IS NO LONGER FOR SALE! I am very sorry but I only made about 50 of them and sold most on eBay. They sold well enough but very slowly and it just wasn't worth it to keep all the stuff around I needed to make them. Thanks to all the folks who bought one and all the folks who would have. They are easy to make and I encourage you to play with magnets (just not around electronics).

02.09.08 - Put up the last three Red Shtick article links. I realize this represents some fairly profound laziness on my part but look... last month I put the mp3 player up so I must have done something. Funny I don't actually remember doing that. Oh well, story of my life. Anyhoo - put up the last three articles for the 8 people who will visit this page in the next quarter century.

01.14.08 - I finally got around to putting a flash mp3player on the main page. Why did I bother? Who knows, it's something to do. So now I'm finished putting the mp3player and I don't feel like coding the playlist so I'll do that later, possibly soon.

11.06.07 - Been digging up some old recordings and posting them up on the musics page. I found the original Movin' Weight demo, another live recording and a live video. Found some more Loverseed recordings including one live recording. I still have a live video of Loverseed on Hi8 that I need digitize. I can't believe it but I also found the old Mr. Pinky demo and posted it up. If you were in any of those bands with me drop me a line because I can't rememeber the names of some of the songs, and if you have any other obscure recordings I'd love to get a copy. The holy grail would be that old video of Mr. Pinky's first show at Anna Dresens house party in like 1994 I think. I wonder if that video is still out there somewhere, it would be interesting (if not painful) to watch. Anyway, just getting a few things archived just for the sake of it.

11.04.07 - I editited Jely Fride's Journals page and updated some links. Also added the latest Red Shtick articles to my 'writings' page. Fixed some other links in there. I changed the order page for 'Volume 1'. It's not really an order page anymore, I just put up what the demo consists of and I'll post those stories on the journals page.

10.29.07 - Went ahead and added the new Jely Fride songs to his page. I was waiting on the demo but I've been working on other things so I figure might as well get them up there. I haven't been adding my Red Shtick articles as religiously as I should but if anybody every complains I'll have a heart attack from shock that anyone noticed or cares. For now you can always go to the link to Red Shtick in 'Links'. Next I think I'll try to get the Z-Axis papers up or what I have of them, maybe some more short stories too.

10.03.07 - Fixed some links on the essays page, posted the September Red Shtick Articles. I'll probably go ahead and post some of the Jely Fride CD pretty soon. I'm debating with myself to sell it on the site at all. It's a demo but if you really, really want one I'll be happy to send you one. Actually I'll be suprised anyone actually went to this site and read this at all.

I've changed up the format yet again. Hopefully this will make it easier to navigate through the mess of nonsense my brain makes me produce.