Mar 042011

I got a little done on the OSC implementation for Cartwheel-3D but I probably wont be able to go much further for awhile so I thought I’d post what I had.

In the cartwheel source there is a file
\ that runs the main animation loop. I edited it to send OSC messages for each joint. To do this I used the pyOSC module and parked it in the same directory for convenience.
The whole thing runs super slow through the py-interpreter. I tried to compile it with py2exe but ran into some trouble. However, I found that I could cheat and use the provided binaries.
Take the modified SNMApp.pyc (and OSC.pyc) and copy them into the \ file in the binaries. It just works.

Here’s my modified – the pyOSC module can be found here

Blender uses Python 3 so I had to use a different OSC module here. I just parked it in the same directory as blender.exe – also for convenience.

and here is a .blend file with my OSC listener code in it. I got it to work with the bge and the animation system, but not cleanly.

If you have any success with this let me know.

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