Apr 172020

This is a video I created to demonstrate\promote these little lights I’ve been making.

I’ve got a fairly consistent process for making a few different styles so I’ve decided to call the main ones BLOOM, FLAME, and CLOUD. One-off experiments that work out enough to put in a light will be GUMBO. The larger fresnel lens tubes with little scenes will be SPACE.

I have no idea if anyone will think these are cool enough to spend actual money on, but at this point I pretty much have to start selling them just to justify continuing to make them.

I still have a little sorting to do but I plan to have the first Etsy listing of one of these lights up within a couple of weeks. Still not sure about a price, I’m thinking in the 60-80 range.

If you are an Arduino\electronics person and want to try writing some cooler FX loops or replacing the ATTINY85 with an ESP8266 for WiFI control let me know and I’ll see about sending you one for testing.

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  1. These are cool. No real relation, but I’m reminded of the old lava lamps except these are more colorful and less creepy.

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