Jan 182020

My door has a crazy turret peephole thing. It belongs in an arctic research submarine. It’s huge and it rotates. Pretty sure it was designed by Carl Norden.

The Norden Door Sight

So I wanted to make a little peephole camera for it because it’s 2020 and I own a 3d printer and play with cheap microcontrollers with built in camera’s so why the hell haven’t I done this already?

I didn’t have a good answer for that question so I did this:

And I put it here:

And now I can see this:

And FYI this ESP32-CAM is running the esphome firmware and integrated into Home Assistant, which are two of the most awesome things I’ve encountered lately.

I won’t bother posting the 3D files or esphome yaml unless someone asks. The 3d files are just a crappy case I stole off thingiverse and modified to secure it to the end of a cylinder, and the yaml is straight from esphome examples. I’ll post some of the yaml I’ve made for servo controls with ESP32-CAM\Lolin32 boards a bit later, still working on making servo movements a little smoother. I’m having to relearn simple stuff like incrementing values in loops in yaml. Sadly literally none of my arduino code is remotely portable for any of this.

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