Oct 032013

[EDIT] Please check out the newest version of the FX Code (v0.51) with Android Bluetooth Control App and Chrome Control Extension.

[EDIT] Fixed a really dumb problem in the Arduino code, added a color picker to the python GUI, and uploaded a new video demo. The problem was I was using if (serial.available()) and should have been using while. That gummed up the works and made the LEDs flicker if you moved the sliders too fast. That’s fixed now. Should have waited and tested better but I was all excited to get this posted- live and learn, or more likely just repeat the same mistakes and correct myself as I go along.

Here’s another revision to the FastSPI2 effects demo code. Some code cleanups, a few new effects, and a python GUI (gtk). GUI can select effect by name and control brightness, delay, color-step, hue, and saturation of various effects.

Screenshot from 2013-10-03 19:52:46

Here’s the Arduino Code

Here’s the Python Code


If you find this really useful, please consider donating a little to the cause. Thanks!

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I’m also grateful for bitcoin donations to: 1K5Yy77ejes2FZrHBG5fns3QAicnwZcduq

  6 Responses to “FastSPI2 LED Effects v0.4 w/ Python Control GUI”

  1. […] [EDIT] Revised once again, and made a python GUI. See this new post. […]

  2. […] This code has been revised and I made a new post about it – please see updated post HERE […]

  3. Would you have any advice for helping get the Bluetooth working? The python script/serial works fantastic, my android connects to my Bluetooth module, but doesn’t want to send any commands.

  4. Hi, I am working on a project with 20 LED strips hanging from the ceiling. I would prefer not to wire the output from one strip all the way back to the ceiling and across to the next strip. Therefore, I would like to drive each of the 20 strips from a single Arduino MEGA using 20 separate pins. Is this possible with your library? Thanks.

    • You’ll probably find you run out of program space. I’m not sure why- but for some reason the more pins you use the more program memory the library needs. You could probably use 4 pins, may 6 max is my guess. Let me know how it works out.

  5. I’m surprised this is not a bigger deal! I’m going to be installing bluetooth controllable LED strip mood/party lighting for myself and all my friends. Are there any updates to this project? Any other projects you guys know about supporting bluetooth and containing a library of presets like this?

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