Aug 272013

I’ve got about a mile-wide grin pasted on my goony mug right now because of this little find. Can’t believe I missed it the first time, but I was just rewatching ‘Revolution’ and only semi-paying attention while doing some other work, and this guy just looked too darn familiar, then it hit me…

Richard Cravens played Professor Alva in The Tesla-Edison Paradox or Free-Energy The Musical (a student film project some idiot wrote). He gave a truly outstanding performance and really helped make the whole thing fun to watch.

I just spotted him in ‘Revolution’ Season 1, Episode 2 (approx 34:00)


Tesla-Edison Paradox or Free-Energy The Musical


Congratulations Richard! Thanks so much for your performance as Alva. Best of luck in everything you do! This guy is the real deal!


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