May 042013


Just posting this to help anyone else who might have gotten the same weird-ass breakout on their Nokia5110 and are trying to connect it to their Raspberry Pi.

Got it here:

I found the most helpful info in this post

And here are the pin assignments that finally worked.

NOKIA                       RASPI-GPIO (colors are for reference with the picture)

1-VCC|VCC              PIN01 – Power-WHITE
2-GND|GND              PIN06 – Ground-BLACK
3-SCE|CE                  PIN24 – Chip Enable-GRAY
4-RST|RST                PIN11 – Reset-PURPLE
5-D/C|DC                   PIN15 – Data/Command-BLUE
6-DNK(MOSI)|DIN  PIN19 – Serial Input-GREEN
7-SCLK|CLK             PIN23 – Clock Input-YELLOW
8-LED|LIGHT            PIN12 – LED Backlight-ORANGE

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