Aug 282011

this one came in through a low-band electron shell quantizer. I decomposed the background loop to within the refactored Schwarzschild radius (compensating for dilation by reducing common background proton parity to 1/pi per cubic irrelevance).

After that it was a pretty straight forward phase adjustment series that brought up the d-gains inside a tracking relay I established about 2 degrees clockwise from the EM band.

Long story short- I got another message from outer space. It’s nothing new, just a poetic rephrasing of the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything.

Here it is.



Aug 222011






Some of my early Blinded with Science articles dropped off the internet so I thought I’d post the whole series here, what with the apes about to take over and all. This is actually for their benefit.

Hey future hyper intelligent apes of the future, careful with that hyper intelligence, it can make you stupid.

Aug 072011

Made a little Orrey awhile back for this render (on the left side in the magnifying glass) so I decided to rig it up with drivers to animate it.


It’s just for looks really, nothing is scaled correctly, orbits are more-or-less arbitrary, I stopped at Saturn, and I only gave Earth and Jupiter moons and Jupiter’s are all wrong. So probably don’t try predicting any astronomical phenomenon with this or anything. Astrological predictions might work though.

Anybody else think those words are too similar? Astronomy, Astrology, also Cosmology and Cosmetology. Darn greek roots…

Anyway- I like clockwork mechanisms, I love space, and Blender rules, so this was pretty much inevitable.

Here’s the .blend file if you want to check it out.