Aug 272013

I’ve got about a mile-wide grin pasted on my goony mug right now because of this little find. Can’t believe I missed it the first time, but I was just rewatching ‘Revolution’ and only semi-paying attention while doing some other work, and this guy just looked too darn familiar, then it hit me…

Richard Cravens played Professor Alva in The Tesla-Edison Paradox or Free-Energy The Musical (a student film project some idiot wrote). He gave a truly outstanding performance and really helped make the whole thing fun to watch.

I just spotted him in ‘Revolution’ Season 1, Episode 2 (approx 34:00)


Tesla-Edison Paradox or Free-Energy The Musical


Congratulations Richard! Thanks so much for your performance as Alva. Best of luck in everything you do! This guy is the real deal!


Feb 202011

Collection of the videos I did for various bands.

Destruction of the Western Hemisphere (Blues and the Gunfighters)

The Rich Don’t Die


Movin’ Weight – South Park Medley

Feb 182011

Here are two models I made awhile ago for fun. I decided to make them low poly so I could put them up on the web here. I know the viewer is crappy – I’ll work on it later.
Anyway here they are.

Gumby .blend .png

Pokey .blend .png

…and here’s the animation I made from these awhile back
[videoplayer file=”wp-content/video/Gumby-SoulMachine.flv” /]

Feb 182011

I’ll do a proper tutorial on how to export models like this- as soon as I figure it out myself.

for now here’s the basics…
-found this – three.js
-exported a 3d model (balsa plane) from blender using the included export script.  (here’s the .blend file and the .png texture
-jacked the code from this sample viewer, spliced in my model path… and…
VOILA! (if you have a webgl enabled browser)

if you don’t – here’s a render.

Less fun as a 3d model, but still fun.

this is a boids sim I did with the planes.
[videoplayer file=”wp-content/video/BalsaPlaneSpaceSwarm.flv” /]

Feb 182011

A project for a class that is actually still pretty neat. Great crew to work with. Turned out well.

[videoplayer file=”wp-content/video/Sciomachy.flv” /]