Jul 272011

Somehow I’ve ended up with a bunch of random sites/accounts representing funkboxing/me. After the hoopla with PowWeb and consolidating my host and registrar I decided to go completely bananas and consolidate and link as much of my ‘web-presence’ as possible.Then I went a little more bananas after that, but I was bananas to begin with so what’s new. This feels like a weird self-web-marketing campaign but it’s actually a function of OCD and a genuine desire to cultivate some kind of productive voice with the web. That sounds so pretentious- blah…

Here’s a bunch of stuff.

funkboxing.com <— you are here
• wordpress install
• hub host for other domains
• blog of personal/student/semi-professional endeavors projects; a/v media, software, DIY (heavily Blendercentric)
• info/docs site for my blender plugins/scripts
• occasional socio-political rants that usually start off somehow related to space-travel

• wordpress.com account
• will probably use this as a little more personal version of funkboxing.com, maybe post a little more about loftier projects and less severe rants

• google blogger account
• apparently I’ve had this blog for almost 3 years but never posted to it. found it when I forgot my wordpress.com url (stoopid), searched for it, clicked and got a little weirded out b/c I barely remembered setting it up but it had my name on it
• don’t know what to do with this yet, probably a private HTML5 / google API sandbox

funkboxing youtube
• it’s the old youtube.com/funkboxing site. some stuff is embeded in posts here but some not. also there are some videos here not on youtube, they’re are the ones in the video category in a jplayer

funkboxing twitter recent twitters in sidebar —>
• usually a bunch of nonsense, same as most twitter feeds
• occasionally announce posts of merit, blender projects, etc.
• retweets from significant people (like Ton Roosendaal, the Dalai Lama, and maybe some other people that I actually read twitters from)

funkboxing livejournal
• just signed up for this because I read a comparison b/t wordpress and blogspot services and they also compared livejournal so I thought I’d round out the group
• no idea what I’ll do with this. I’d probably forget about it except that I’ll remember if I read this post ever
• it’s very, very slow. ridiculously slow, like myspace in 2001 slow, might be deadjournal soon- ha

teldredge vimeo
• i think most of the videos here are either in the video category or on youtube

teldredge google+
• just got on google+ a couple of weeks ago. looks good but to be honest I don’t use it a lot yet and obviously it’s not my first line of web-communication. it’s really handy though and I hope it takes off and I can (and am actually motivated enough to) write apps for it

teldredge facebook
• more or less defunct, got tired of it really. barely knew any of the people on my friends list so I whittled it down to 30 or so family and friends. then I realized most of them knew about funkboxing so why bother with it